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Did you know that the average physician makes $136,926? And this is just general practitioners; the salary goes up as you get more specialized. However, many prestigious and eminent medical schools had an acceptance rate of 3.4% or lower, a category including Stanford, the Mayo Medical School, Brown, George Washington, and Georgetown. With such stiff competition, you need an amazing personal statement to get into the school of your dreams. Check a great nephrology personal statement sample or examples for any other academic level to make sure you’re writing your own document effectively.

Steps for Writing Personal Statement

How do you write a personal statement? It’s easy with these personal statement samples and the following steps!

  • Think about your journey: What brought you to where you are now? Why do you want to study this, and how do you plan to accomplish your long-term goals? What are your long-term goals?
  • Makes some notes: Jot down what you consider the important parts, and decide on a narrative structure.
  • Write an outline: Outlines are boring, but they can be incredibly helpful.
  • Write like yourself: Fill in your outline – but write like you. Don’t use someone else’s stilted vocab.
  • Proofread, proofread, proofread: It’s there three times for a reason – expect to go through several drafts. You want it to be perfectly polished.

Keep and Get Rid of Personal Statement Tips

What should stay in your personal statement, and what should go right out the door? We have the lists to help you figure it out.

Keep these things:

  • Why you want to study where you’re applying
  • What interested you in the course
  • Long term goals
  • Explanations for any gaps or bad grades in your transcripts
  • Relevant extracurricular activities

Get rid of these:

  • Quotes
  • Cliches like “ever since I was young”
  • The word “passionate
  • Anything untrue
  • Anything you can’t directly connect to your program of study

Medical Personal Statement Buzzwords & Trends

When writing your personal statement, you should be aware of the common trends that dictate personal statements. The most important trends for upcoming personal statements are:

  • Demonstrate the relevance of every fact
  • Highlight your accomplishments concretely, in numbers if possible
  • Use action words

What action words are good? Some buzzwords you can use in your personal statement are: calculated, combined, achieved, demonstrated, implemented, designed, and shaped. See how those all convey a sense of action and things being done? This concrete sense of accomplishment is what you should seek to impart. It’s this that will truly give your reader a sense of what you’ve done with your time.

Personal Statement Samples Medical School

To help you get the best personal statement, here’s a sample outline that goes over everything you need. Just fill in your own experiences and words.

  • Paragraph one: Discuss how you became interested in this subject. Your story goes here, but make it brief.
  • Paragraph two: Explain why you’re qualified for your program of study. Undergrad experiences go here, as do any other relevant experiences you’ve had.
  • Paragraph three: Talk about your plans for the future and how you want to become more qualified. Show that you have vision and a plan.
  • Paragraph four: Finishing up, briefly summarize why you’d be great for this school. Be restrained, but confident.

Personal Statement for Medical School Samples Essays

The personal statement is one of the most important parts of the application; it’s the only chance you have to show off your story. But with our personal statement for PhD examples, it’s so much easier to get an amazing one. You’ll be into the school you deserve before you know it.

For more help with writing the best medical school personal statement samples, learn these tips!

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