PhD Personal Statement Sample Written by Professionals

Writing a personal statement requires a lot of time and thought, no matter what type of application you are filling out. A PhD personal statement example will, however, have far more information than a typical personal statement, specifically because of the level of skill of the applicant. Below you will find a PhD personal statement sample that embodies exactly what you should be looking to create for your PhD personal statement. Furthermore, our quality team can easily help you to write family medicine residency essay if you need.

It will always be a great chance for you to find out more how to write an effective and professional personal statement for residency.

Our Sample PhD Personal Statement

phd personal statement sampleThe first thing that you will realize about the best personal statement is that it starts off immediately with a sentence that hooks you and makes you want to continue reading. The fact that the author has been so interested in their field since such a young age is something that will immediately cause a reader to sit up and take notice. Additionally, they go on to say that they were interested in their subject far earlier than most people, something that also helps to set them apart as a candidate.

Moving on from there, the PhD personal statement example goes on to talk about the accomplishments of the applicant, and also that they have been spending their time working on their PhD thesis topic, an important thing that many PhD application reviewers will look at and appreciate. This shows an interest in the subject even when ‘off the clock’.

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Finally, the writer closes with a few of their more recent accomplishments, which does two things to really help structure the PhD personal statement sample. The first is that it brings the reader back to focus on the applicants’ professional achievements, but it also help to show that their professional achievements are more recent. This can be a problem with some personal statement tips, as it is very easy to begin listing qualifications without grounding them in a specific timeframe, causing the reader to question when the achievements actually occurred.

Tips, Learned from Great PhD Personal Statement Example

While this is a very specific PhD personal statement example, the content used in the body of the writing embodies what you should strive for in any PhD personal statement. There are plenty of other PhD personal statement examples out there, but you will find that many of the good ones will look and sound similar to this one.