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study abroad personal statementWhen looking to write a personal statement, there are a few types of statement that you have to differentiate between. A personal statement for a CV will be short and to the point, but if you are looking for law school personal statement sample essays for an academic application, then you need to know how to explain yourself in a section of the application that can take a page or more. The personal statement essay examples below will help you do that.

Great Personal Statement Essay Sample

This essay is especially interesting because the writer uses long-form content to really weave his experience into and out of a story. What is most interesting to the reader is that while you quickly find out that this is one of many personal statement sample essays for medical school admission, it starts out by discussing farming. For anyone who is reading hundreds of personal statements per day, this would immediately cause them to take notice, possibly wondering if this application ended up in the wrong admissions office.

personal statement samplepersonal statement exampleAfter the first paragraph, the writer goes on to weave their story in with the reason that they are practicing medicine in the first place, and how farming has done such a good job at preparing them for the rigors of working long shifts as a doctor. While there are some parts missing from this personal statement essay examples, the fact that it ties a story so tightly into the personal statement, thereby making it more interesting to the reader, merits its use as a sample.

This is a great example of job application personal statement sample essays that just work. This essay actually helped someone get into the college of their choice. Why is it so good? Similarly to the first essay, it weaves a story into something that is both interesting to read and informative. In this case, the story is about how the applicant no longer watches TV (an unusual choice).

What It Takes to Write Personal Statement Essay

What you will notice is that this personal statement essay is focused on the applicant developing themselves as a ‘whole person’ and one ‘not dependent on machines’. This essay, for the liberal arts college, is a great choice because it fits the personality of the college itself: a place that fosters individuality and one with a large population of students who enjoy the outdoors.

Tips on Writing Sample Personal Statement Essay

No matter what type of program you are applying for, you can learn a lesson from these personal statement sample essays. Each one takes an interesting story and weaves it into a narrative that discusses who the applicant is as a person, while also tailoring their story to the college or university that they are applying to. Make sure you check out our PhD personal statement sample for more great inspiration tips.

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