good personal statementThose who want to learn more about how to write a good personal statement or about professional personal statement editing often have to ask themselves if their text is going to turn out to read in a way that’s deemed cheesy.

Generic and underwritten personal statement template is a serious problem for many students. On the other hand, some applicants end up shamelessly self-promoting in their writing because they aren’t sure how to use an appropriate level of humility without sounding like a sycophant. Modern statements need to sort of straddle a valley when it comes to ensuring that the text isn’t arrogant or unnecessarily weak.

How to Write a Personal Statement on Time

how to write a personal statement

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Before discussing any other personal statement tips, it’s important to keep in mind the deadlines that are given. Start early enough so that there is plenty of time to actually go and submit the statement in question. Too many times students will spend so much time figuring things out that they won’t get anywhere by the time it comes to actually give the statement to the various institutions they’re applying to.

On that same note, those who are individually submitting more than one statement had best make sure that they’re submitting unique ones. Different colleges will go through the applications they’re submitted and may notice if something looks generic or if one of the review counselors had seen it before somewhere. Some students will be using combined application systems, however.

In these systems, they only ever write a single statement. They then submit it to a central database, which is shared with different universities. Those who use these systems only ever have to write a single statement, but they have to write one that’s really successful as a result.

Personal Statement Tips: Think Like an Admissions Committee

When figuring out how to write personal statement, its best to think like an admissions officer. Those who work on these boards want to know a few different things like:

  • how to write a good personal statementIf a student can handle their workload
  • If a student truly wants to attend the program
  • Whether the applicant is mature enough to handle everything they’ll have to deal with
  • Whether they really want to get into this particular field
  • That applicants know what they’re getting into
  • That applicants won’t goof around once they’ve actually gotten into the program in question.

Using these kinds of things as a checklist as well as, personal statement template can help to ensure that everything that needs to be touched upon in the personal statement page will be. While writing its always important to remember what one might want to read if they were actually on a review board and looking over the material they were writing.

What Not to Write in a Personal Statement

Few good stories ever begin back in kindergarten, so its important not to begin with some kind of cheesy opening about how an applicant always wanted something ever since they were a child. On the same topic, its best not to go the other way and act like a college professor. There’s no need to lecture the person reading the statement on what might be important in their field. Admissions teams are already made up of experts, and these experts are issued criteria with which to judge the statements that they’re reviewing. They might feel turned off if they feel that a student is trying to tell them how to do their job, even if said student was being genuine and hadn’t meant to do that at all.

Some Great Personal Statement Samples

nursing personal statement sample postgraduate personal statement sample phd personal statement sample

Another major problem is that many students will start to write the same kind of material that’s on their CV or their college transcripts. Admissions committee members have already read these, so it’s always best to focus on just one experience. When writing about this single experience, avoiding pompous language is always a must.

How to Write a Good Personal Statement

Use words like confident and experience to state that one is actually prepared to successfully meet challenges. Some students will try to phrase things in a particularly academic fashion. In theory, this should be excellent, and some people have gotten into the habit of writing this way. Nevertheless, it’s discouraged because of how admissions committees might misinterpret it.
Additionally, passive voice is generally discouraged. For instance, the phrase “mistakes were made” would often be flagged. If nothing else, it sounds as though a student were trying to avoid accepting responsibility for their actions. Stating that they made mistakes would generally be seen as more honest. For stylistic reasons, those who set out to learn how to write a good personal statement often state that it’s best to avoid passive voice anyway even if this were not an issue. If you need professional help, personal statement review service is what you are looking for.

How to Write a Personal Statement That Stands Out

So many personal statement tips focus on the negative. They explain how to write a personal statement by telling students what not to write. Its every bit as important to remember good things to include lest a particular statement end up full of a great deal of chatter that’s meaningless, and no one wants to have a sheet full of chatter. The best things to include are:

  • how to write a personal statement checklistStraightforward language that sounds honest and relatively conversational in order to ensure the statement is really personal
  • Truth that actually illustrates the student’s own path and story
  • A showcase of genuine struggle and the resulting personal growth
  • Investiture in goals and plans for the future
  • Genuine motivation
  • Evidence that a plan really exists
  • Evidence that an applicant is a real person

Always make sure to describe a moment in which one changed their mind and thus changed their plans for the future. Comment on what was realized and why this was realized. Rather than sounding cheesy this should actually come off as genuine. By following this, along with the CV personal statement sample and actual prompt that was issued for further guidance, it shouldn’t be too hard to put together a statement that genuinely describes the student.

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