Getting Matched to Nephrology Fellowship in 2019 – 2020: All You Need to Know

Nephrology is a popular subspecialty of internal medicine and medical students want to do their fellowship in this field. After completing three years of basic training in internal medicine, doctors have to complete two years of the fellowship program in nephrology, to become a nephrologist. The application procedure for nephrology fellowship is like any other fellowship program. You have to apply through the ERAS and NRMP. Complete the application and send it through ERAS. You should also be registered with NRMP before sending your application. The required documents for the application are letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and ERAS application form. You can find nephrology personal statement samples to write your own personal statement. The personal statement is an important document which can play a vital role in your selection. So, you need to be very careful about it. A personal statement example can help, but don’t copy from any samples or examples. Different subspecialties are available for candidates like critical care nephrology, interventional nephrology, onconephrology, kidney dialysis, kidney transplant, and pediatric nephrology. You can find personal statement for residency samples and samples for fellowship as well. Make sure you write an appropriate personal statement for your needs.

Nephrology Fellowship Personal Statement Sample

Top Ranked Nephrology Fellowship Programs

Nephrology personal statement sample can help you, but you need to write your personal statement according to the fellowship program you want to join. Here is the list of programs, which are on top for nephrology fellowship ranking, you can apply to one or all of them.

  • Mayo Clinic: The hospital offers one of the best nephrology fellowship opportunities. Clinical nephrology is their field of specialization.
  • Cleveland Clinic: If you are interested in critical care nephrology, Cleveland clinic offers amazing fellowship programs.
  • John Hopkins: The hospital offers clinical experience and research opportunities to the young doctors. The nephrology fellowship is a two years course.
  • University of California, San Francisco: Fellows at UCSF can choose one of the three paths, which are clinical scientist, basic research scientist, and clinician educator.
  • UCLA: The place is known for kidney transplant and dialysis. However, to get enrolled here for fellowship, applicants are required to be a co-author of at least two publications.
  • Presbyterian Hospital New York: Another well-known hospital for kidney related diseases and fellowship opportunities. You can also avail scholarships here.
  • Vanderbilt University Medical Center:  It is known for different specializations in Nephrology, particularly renal transplantation.
  • Stanford Medicine Hospital: The hospital has clinical, research and transplantation facilities and fellows can join any one of these specialties according to his interest.
  • Cedars – Sinai: The place is known for a kidney transplant and more than 100 transplants are done here every year. The program has collaborated with VA West Los Angeles Medical center.

No matter which institution you want to apply, you have to write a unique personal statement for nephrology fellowship.

personal statement for nephrology fellowship

Personal Statement for Nephrology Fellowship: Questions It Should Cover

When you write nephrology personal statement, you need to address some typical questions. You need to keep in mind that the selection committee wants to know about your personality traits. They want to know, how you are suitable for this fellowship and what you have achieved till now? What makes you an ideal candidate for this fellowship? How you are unique? Why you are interested in this particular nephrology program. So, make sure you answer these question in a convincing way, proving yourself the right choice for a particular program.

Nephrology Personal Statement FAQs

Applicants who are applying for the fellowship for the first time, have some questions in their mind. Here we have collected some frequently asked questions, which can help you to get the answers you need to know.

When should I start writing transplant nephrology personal statement?
Find out about the deadline of the program you want to apply to and start writing your personal statement well before that. Make sure you get enough time for editing and proofreading as well.
What the committee would like to see the good statement?
Committee wants to know about your commitment to this particular field. They want to know what you have done so far and what are your future goals. Write about how passionate you for this nephrology fellowship are. Make them believe that you are an ideal candidate for this fellowship.
How long a personal statement should be?
It should be not more than a page or one and a half page, at the most. No one wants to read long stories.
Which is the best format for the personal statement?
This is a formal document, so maintain the formal tone while writing. Use Times New Roman or Arial font style, which should be 12 pts. No colors and no stylish boards.
How I can tailor my personal statement for different programs?
When you are applying for interventional nephrology fellowship, writer interventional nephrology fellowship personal statement and mention your interest in that particular institution. so, you need to write a unique personal statement for each program.

nephrology personal statement writing

Effective Tips for Writing Nephrology Personal Statement

If you want to get ready for nephrology fellowship match 2019, you need to write an effective personal statement. However, the majority of the applicants have no idea about the content. Here are some professional personal statement writing tips and tricks, which can help you to craft a good personal statement.

  • Make an outline: It is very important to make an outline first. It will help you not to miss any important idea.
  • A powerful start: You have to keep the reader engaged until the end, so start your personal statement in a powerful way.
  • Don’t write a long statement: Best nephrology fellowship programs ask for a very precise statement, it should be a one-page document.
  • Content: Mention your achievements and struggles. Your passion for the program and specialty.
  • Formatting: Format your personal statement according to the nephrology fellowship requirements. Maintain a formal format throughout the statement.
  • Edit and proofread: Don’t forget to edit and proofread properly. No one wants to read a pile of mistakes.

These are just a few tips and personal statement for residency samples which can help you to write your own personal statement for ECFMG fellowship. You can write your own personal statement and get help from the samples and examples. But make sure you write a different personal statement for different nephrology fellowship openings. If you are confused, you can get help from experts. When you are registering for the match, the personal statement is the strongest weapon you have.  Use it effectively to get registered.

Nephrology personal statement sample can help you to get some inspiration and craft your own personal statement.  Using it effectively is the key!

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