Great Sample Law School Personal Statement

law school personal statement helpWriting a law school personal statement can be rife with challenges, especially if you don’t have a high-quality set of law school personal statement examples to draw from.

If you have been wondering what other people choose to write about in their law school personal statement samples, then look no further – we are here to tell you how to write a personal statement. Here is one great sample law school personal statement that actually worked to get a student into law school.

Lessons Learned from Law School Personal Statement

What you will see when you begin reading this is that the writer starts with a joke. As we have mentioned before, it is often hard to find job application personal statement samples with jokes in them because they can very easily be taken the wrong way. In this case, the joke is one that has been heard by every lawyer under the sun, so it doesn’t come across as crass, although it is still a bit of a risk.
law school personal statement sample

What the writer in the law school personal statement examples does soften the blow is to use the next sentences to really hook the reader by showing that he does not want to be just ‘any’ lawyer. This is a great way to start a law school personal statement because it shows that your goal is something more lofty than just graduating law school; you have a career path in mind and this is helping you to achieve it.

From the first paragraphs that detail their background, the writer transitions nicely into an explanation of their qualifications. This is an important section, and is made even more important by the fact that the writer started off by explaining their initial hesitation in becoming a lawyer. They do a great job of explaining exactly why they now want to become a lawyer and why their profession now matters more to them.

Finally, the writer begins to show exactly how their experience, while not as traditional in the legal sense, gave them the push that they needed to pursue law as a full-time passion. Unlike many other applicants, the applicant was pushed to practice law to help those who are less fortunate, something that many lawyers are often accused of not doing.

Other Personal Statement Samples

law school personal statement samplesample law school personal statementGreat law school personal statement examples like this one show you exactly how to structure an excellent PhD personal statement example. By telling a story that is unconventional and interesting, the applicant quickly separated themselves from the pack and gave the reviewer something excellent to sink their teeth into.

So, the key to a successful application is a well-written and compelling personal statement that can impress the committee from the very first line. Be honest, creative and think outside the box. There are hundreds of applicants with similar skills and achievements, so you need to separate yourself from that fierce competition.

Make sure your law school personal statement examples will be successful with our professional tips and advice that helps!