Inspiring Personal Statement Example to Assist You

When writing a personal statement, it can be difficult to see exactly what makes you special. So many other candidates may have similar qualifications as you, so setting yourself apart with a great personal statement template or using professional personal statement writing services are keys. It’s easy to say that great personal statement essays make for great applications, but learning how to write a personal statement essay is a different story.

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Great Personal Statement Example Written by Our Experts

Here is a great personal statement example:

personal statement example

You may be wondering what makes this a great personal statement template and there are a few things that do. First, the personal statement example actually helped to do the job of getting the student into the school that they wanted to attend, so we know that it’s effective, but what separates this from other personal statement examples?

Starting out, the student begins by showing that they are thinking globally, even while they are in a singular location. This is important, as it shows the recruiter that the applicant is able to see the bigger picture when it comes to things going on around them, a key qualification in a great candidate. Furthermore, the candidate uses the first paragraph of the personal statement example to discuss exactly what they want to do with their degree (in this case it’s a degree in dentistry), which is work in an underserved area, along with doing work in developing countries.

How a Great Personal Statement Example Is Written

From there, the applicant goes on to discuss the reason that they are so interested in dentistry, discussing in great detail the reasons that the profession grew on them over time. Specifically, they go into more impactful areas of the practice like corrective jaw surgery, rather than discussing things like how much money can be made in cosmetic dentistry.

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Use Our Tips to Write Your Perfect Sample Personal Statement

personal statement exampleAfter giving the reader a huge amount of insight into them as a person, the key point that all good personal statement examples should strive to achieve, the essay continues to discuss issues that may be more important when ranking the student against their peers, like their achievements. By discussing things like the use of fine motor skills, this personal statement example shows that the applicant also knows what is needed on a job-specific basis, something that can only be understood by spending time working in with a current DDS.

Secrets Behind Great Personal Statements

In each area of the CV personal statement example above, the applicant goes above and beyond to explain exactly why they love their chosen career, what made them love it, and the things that they have already achieved in their industry. While it may be a bit longer than a personal statement that you would see on a CV, it’s a great personal statement example for any type of academic application.

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