Sociology is the field of study that deals with a scientific analysis of the human society and the various aspects of which it is composed. It uses empirical, critical objective and quantitative measures to gauge the constituents that are to be studied. A sociology personal statement example would, therefore, exhibit that the writer posses the capabilities to work with the aforementioned traits to produce academically valuable results. Such a letter would be expected to be clear, concise, and yet compelling, that’s where expert personal statement writers can help you with your statement of purpose for an internship. It should speak about your past experiences, your future goals, and current aspirations. And do so, in a crisp manner.


The human being is a social organism. We don’t exist as individuals, but as parts of a greater cohort that is the society. Everything in the world, from the most singularly trivial of things to those exponentially sinuous ones has a role in the way that everything else functions. Insulation simply does not exist in our world.

And with the fast changing dynamics of our world, with ever increasing rates of population, pollution, poverty, illiteracy, crime, and the n number of other facets that engender the social fabric, the study of society seems, now, of critical importance.

When I first read John Adam’s magnum opus An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations, the world for me was forevermore changed. Concepts such as the division of labor, and the invisible hand of the market made me look at the world with an entirely new, fresh and keenly perceptive worldview. I realized that, everything in the world effects everything else, all you had to do to realize this is to look close enough.

Later, when I was educated with the works of Karl Marx, John Locke, David Ricardo, Niccolo Machiavelli and even Charles Darwin, I began to realize that the world is entirely different when observed from the keen eyes of an empirical observer. I began to realize how little we really know about ourselves, and what drives us a society.

I am very passionate about this field of enquiry, to me the study of society only seems second nature, and it gives me a such purpose in my life that I very truly feel like a heavy hauler freight train running down the track unstoppable until I do what I have to, when I have to, how I have to.

It is my sincere belief that I will gain much from pursuing my bachelor’s degree from your esteemed university.

Call to action

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