The study of the human body, specifically the normal bodily functions and the working of the living body are the core foundations upon which this area of study is based. A physiology personal statement example, as well as good psychiatry residency personal statement, would thus elucidate as to the manner in which you (and your profile) should be taken into consideration over the other applicants’. It should be clear, crusty and must leave a good impression on the reader.

Sample: Underneath, you may find a physiology personal statement as well as personal statement for neuroscience. We hope that its reading will assist you in developing an understanding of the necessities in such document.

Never before had the phrase god created man in his own image made sense to me, before I came to realize the infinitesimal complexity with which the human body’s systems work. Such a complicated, exponentially intertwined network of seemingly innumerable delicate and intricate systems can only be a manifestation of a such godlike system through which it has come to be. I feel exhilarated when I study the human body, and the joy that gaining comprehension of this wonderful thing brings to me is something that I could not possibly justify with words.

The human body has always inspired me, the fact that it is as delicate as it is complicated, and strong intrigues me. Humans are not the strongest, and as has been proved recently by studies, we may very well not be the smartest either, and yet we have shaped the world to our own will. It is incredible to wonder the way that things would have been had the human body not been precisely the way that it is. Contemplating about such notions only drives my intense fascination with the field of physiology farther each day.

I have constantly been at the top of my class throughout my high school career. I will be graduating as the valedictorian at the end of this academic year in fall. Although I was sufficiently comfortable with subjects other than those related to biology, mathematics for instance, it was always clear to me that the human body was what I was meant to study. I, therefore, am now applying to your esteemed university for the bachelor’s degree in medicine, with physiology as the major area of my study, and neurophysiology as the sub-major area of study.

I hope to be a part of your great institution, and shine through the rich quality of education offered by this great institution.

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