Any good personal statement will speak just as much about the writer as it will about the objective of them writing this particular document. A neuroscience personal statement example should draw from your personal and professional experience and should justify with a great deal of clarity the reasons because of which you want to pursue this particularly, and rather intricate, addling field of study.

Sample: The following is an example of a personal statement for neuroscience; we hope that you may garner some insights for your own statement from this example.

I was eight years old when the famous TV show House, M.D. started airing. My mother has forbidden me from watching it, as she would say that it was too graphic and inappropriate for ‘little people’ like me. But, my love for it was profound. Not because of the TV show itself, but for what I was able to learn from it. I would see its protagonist Dr. Gregory House work with medical brilliance to solve seemingly indecipherable mysteries about the cases which had befuddled all his peers, and I would be inspired to be able to attain the same wavelength.

I know how nonchalant this might seem, but what it did to me was manifested in the form of me spending countless hours with books studying anything and everything I could about the human body. I had started studying in so much depth the world of medicine and medical science far beyond my years from a very early age. And the aspect of the human body that interested me the most was the human mind.

The fact that we all developed from rudimentary microorganism, evolved over a course of billions of years in the way that we are today, and were able to change the course of the world in which we live in a matter of mere seconds in terms of cosmic time seemed curiously interesting to me. I knew, that I had to know what it was about the human mind that enabled us to do what we do. Neuroscience was thus, only the natural next step in the course of my life’s journey.

I went to ABC University for my undergraduate studies and passed at the top of my class. I later got admitted to the PQR medical school and the XYZ University, where, again I was consistently at the top of my class. My desire, now, is to pursue my degree with a specialization in neural networks from your esteemed university, and I am certain that I would be a great addition to your institution.

Call to action: It can be seem from the above example of a personal statement neuroscience that the writer is clear and certain about the particular reasons for choosing this particular field. There is no ambivalence in their motivation; there is no incertitude in their drive. This is characteristic of a prospective neuroscientist. Our experienced writers have a working understanding of the process that goes into the creation of a such document, and we can assure to production of a custom, and perfect statement like journalism personal statement or music personal statement that will assist you in achieving your specific goals.