A nursing personal statement example should display clearly your motivation, and should justify the reason for you having chosen this field, and why anyone should consider your case with sincere regard.

Sample: The following is an example of a nursing personal statement. It offers valuable insight into the “personal” statement of a prospective nurse. We hope that its perusal will aid you…

I am a fundamentally positive person, which I believe to be the chief trait that anybody working in the healthcare industry should possess, we are, after all, in the business of helping people. I have a strong determination, a never say never attitude. Enriched by a rich cultural background growing up, I developed the abilities to bring together people from varying backgrounds together as a team, which, again, is a trait of principle significance, especially in the nursing business. I strongly believe that I will be a valuable addition to your team, and that we can be mutually (and complementarily) beneficial to each other.

The source of my inspiration for having chosen to work in the healthcare industry came from the chronic illness of my mother when I was growing up. My mother developed an early onset case of Huntington’s disease, and it was painfully heartbreaking having to see my mother, who was a model of strength, being withered away, piece by piece, as the disease progressed. She could not walk, talk, eat and eventually died. Had it not been for the exceptional healthcare staff in the hospitals, especially the nurse who attended her, our family could not have managed to endure this very painful time period. Not only was the nurse warm, and caring, she was an exceptionally professional and knowledgeable person. I knew, in those moments when I saw her doing what she was doing, that what she is, is exactly what I want to be when I grow up.

I studied hard at school, and graduated at the top of my class, and had a pick at the colleges. I went to ABC College because certain family obligations prevented me from leaving the state, and I consequently graduated with honors. I have now cleared the board certification exams, and am a fully certified nurse practitioner. I would be honored to be able to become a part of your team, and I can assure you that if I am given the opportunity, I will work to the best of capability to produce the most effective results that I can possibly produce.

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It is vividly evident from the above provided document that the person writing is clearly a very motivated one. The rich family history, and the reasons for having chosen this specific course of vocational select is clearly validated by the reasons elucidated in the letter. One can easily see how and why this person would work to produce good results, and the exultances that it carried by their personality. Our writer can help you tap into such poignant insights about you so as to produce persuasive personal statements including music personal statement or personal statement for neuroscience for you.