Tips for writing an effective personal management statement

Do not offer your views in your personal statement; instead highlight your significant aspects. An effective Personal management system offers a commendable opportunity to sell your talent. Proofread your written statement few times before submitting in terms of sentence structure, grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and spontaneity of the thoughts. Make it reader friendly and interesting. Stay enthusiastic in your writing and have an affirmative thought flow.


I am willing to apply for a Management degree as I strongly feel that my academic qualification, experience and my aptitude complements this degree.

I acted as a Management Director in Young Enterprise Team while pursuing my “AS “levels. My innovative ideas contributed great deal towards the success of the company. My management position in Human Resources, Finance and Operations made me realize the importance of management degree at your University.

My work experience includes a temporary job in an insolvency practice at junior level. As a part of the professional team, I was supposed to meet the deadlines. I used to motivate my team members and that prevented many issues in the productivity. I spent 3 years in Health Food shop side by side my studies and learnt to develop communication skills with my customers and peers.

My appointment as a Deputy Head boy in the sixth form was a matter of pride for me. During my tenure, I heard and responded to many issues of my fellow prefects. This position enhanced my skills to great extent. My engagement in duties like organizing lunch and dinner parties developed leadership skills and learnt how to treat every individual with respect making them feel special. I extended my support during all school events and understood the significance of socializing. This aspect boosted up my experience in dealing with different cultures.

Recently, I visited a concentration camp in Prague which proved to be an unforgettable experience for me. Music offers me an unwinding experience and Internet keeps me updated regarding current affairs.

Being a keen sportsman, I represented my school at various levels like distance running, sprint races etc. I prefer running during morning and evening. I have represented table tennis in national competitions. I have also participated in many events of rugby, cricket leagues and football.

I have a strong belief that my experience has made me independent to live a successful University life which will eventually prove me to be a good candidate for Management Degree in your University.

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