Tips to write a qualitative personal statement Biotechnology

Ensure that you are clear and to the point while writing a personal statement of Biotechnology. Do not miss on the intricacies of writing like maintaining right margins on sides, proper headings, impressive beginning, flawless grammar, no spelling mistakes, no mistake in sentence structuring etc. Once you have written the whole content, make sure that you revise it well. Never commit the mistake of copying the content from anywhere.


When I watched Jurassic Park for the first time, the countless possibilities of Biotechnology intrigued me. My childhood questions made my parents take me to petrified forests of Arizona to pacify my questions. It was the time that ignited the passion of learning more in me about this subject. The perfect amalgamation of rich experiences and academic knowledge groomed my personality as a Biotechnology student.

The Theory of Everything “written by Stephan Hawkings amazed me at the huge size of Universe and the small fraction of which we are comprised of.

The movie of Arnold Schwarzenegger inspired me and my friends to find fastest methods of researches. At that very time, we came to know about consumption of creatine monohydrate and its different types of workouts. Unconsciously we covered ninth grade of syllabus while satiating my inquisition.

The fascination of science and its practicalities while residing in the rural areas of Uttar Pradesh helped me in learning the crude forms of Biotechnology. Now, my aim is to avail modern biotechnology in all those villages where people still use cow dung in their underground chambers to connect their gas cylinders and light gas stoves.

Right of now, I am studying A Levels with Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Arts. I chose Arts because it teaches me aesthetics and significance of dedication.

I was picked among the huge group of students to be the member of UNIS-UN conference organized in New York on theme “Wiring our World”. We ranked first in the film competition on short films. I also participated in debate that was on topic- “Ethical issues in modern Biotechnology”. There, I expressed my thoughts cogently in passionate way.

In America, I and my friends ran a social service for neighbourhood students assisting them with their homework. Currently, I am part of the interactive club where we teach underprivileged children in reading and writing. Drama and on stage singing improvisation is my hobby. My stay in America has taught me the significance of culture in society extensively. My culture reflects well in music when I play guitar.

I strongly feel that I am the right candidate for this position and will do something unique in the field of Biotechnology if I am offered an opportunity to prove myself in your University.

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