Tips to follow while writing a great personal statement for Biology

Write your personal statement in such a way that even your weakness turns out to be your strength. However, never highlight your weaknesses in terms of poor grammatical structure, spelling mistakes, excessive usage of bold, italics or underlining of the content. Always proofread your writing before submitting it to the authority. Never dare to copy your statement from anywhere. The selection committee are people with rich experience and can catch your pitfalls in no time.


I have always been fascinated by the worldly creatures, their outside and inside beauty, their physiology and the principles on which they survive. Hence, I was encouraged to study animal behaviour and its evolution as part of my subject during my tenure.

I pursued my two years of studies from High School to Graduation at the Catholic University in Santiago. However, I had to take a break as my father got posted in the rural areas where there was no facility to carry on studies, but my destiny supported me there also and I got an opportunity to observe various wildly creatures in my vicinity. My father taught me breeding of endangered chinchillas and I enjoyed it immaculately. Though I was away from my subject ‘s knowledge but got an experience to get practical experience while studying evolutionary thinking and biological behaviour of these creatures.

Due to financial crises, I had to work as a translator that further brushed up my English in English speaking country. I studied at OLT and advantaged myself with written skills. These days, I am part of Natural History Museum in London. I have also attended a course as well as a seminar on “The History of Evolution”. It was an interesting experience to be part of it as it cleared most of my doubts regarding my subject.

I hope that my studies in Santiago, my experience and all the knowledge that I accrued during my previous my two years of studies will help me in completing my undergraduate programme in UK.

I wish to carry on my post graduate programme and research in this area after completion of Undergraduate program.

Paleoanthropology and reading writings of Darwin and Thomas are my other academic interests. Fitness training, horse riding, diving and trekking and other outdoor pursuits allure me. I truly understand that being a non native student, I am supposed to work harder compared to my contemporaries and I have a positive mind frame for the same. My cheerful disposition and open minded attitude will be an asset for me. Thereby, I look forward to share my application considering a favourable response from you.

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