The fashion industry is highly competitive, it is (in every sense of the phrase) a dog eat dog world. It is relentless, it is brutal, and it is not for the diffident. To excel in the fashion industry, one needs to be motivated, perseverant and diligent. The primary thing to remember while drafting a personal statement for fashion example, one should fundamentally bear in mind to be original, and not to try and sound like the next Coco Chanel. Your prospective employer/professors et cetera are going to see right through your hogwash.

Sample: Here, you may find a personal statement for fashion for your perusal. You may refer to it for inspiration to write one for yourself…

Very frequently, I find myself developing the deep-rooted impetuous desire to wear the outfit I have planned to wear. The anticipation of doing so is killer.

Looking at the way people dress themselves is a great source of inspiration for me. When I look at a new mother, I can see how she has changed the way she used to be to dress herself into her newly found role of a mother. The way that she folds her sleeves, her shoes, the belt, the accouterments to hold the baby stuff, the more convenient mobile phone covers, the not to tinselly handbags (which are now motivated not by the outlook, but by functionality).

Anywhere that I regard, there is much for me to behold. I see colors in all their vivacious luminescence, in all their somber gloomy nebulous turgid, in the vanilla white, and in the subtle understatements. And, I ask myself often,” what a wonderful world?”. And it is indeed a marvelous world, with seemingly endless possibilities at bay.

I have now worked at Elle magazine for almost 5 years as a brand image communication expert. The major responsibility of my job is to project our brand, that is Elle magazine, everywhere that I can, every way that I can, and every how that I can. I started as an intern here, and am now single handedly responsible for the regional brand image communication, in the position of the regional manager.

I believe that I have amassed all that I could have from this current job profile, and that there is not much room for growth in my current position here. I know, nevertheless, that my aptitude, and centers of interest hold for me a vast almost endless ocean of galvanized possibilities. And hence, I am now applying for the position of the marketing and branding manager for the east coast at your great institution.

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