In this article, you may find certain insights as to what would constitute a persuasive journalism personal statement example. First and foremost, naturally, the journalism personal statement would be expected to exhibit the nature of your familiarity with the field in question, additionally, it should provide a clear and crisp depiction of you, and your profile such that the entity to which you are sending this document can generate a holistic image of you.

Sample: You may find the following as a model personal statement for journalism. You may use it for reference, or append it as and how it is desirable to you:

I am writing this letter to apply for the media correspondent for the London region position that recently opened up, and was listed on your website as inviting prospective applicants.

It brings me great honor to simply apply for a position at your esteemed institution, I will find myself lucky to be able to become a part of your family.

I am currently working as a media correspondent for the WER region, in TYU County, QAS Country for the PQR digital network since XXXX. Here the gamut of my responsibilities includes:

  • Research and analysis of information from miscellaneous and anonymous sources in the following fields:

    • Domestic and foreign affairs

    • National government policies

    • Political news

    • Criminal reporting

    • Health issues’ reporting

    • Economics, and the banking sector

  • Undercover projects for the validation of anonymous tips, or prospective news stories

  • Reporting of live news feed in case of emergencies, or breaking news

  • Coordination and organization of official policy framework of the network

  • Strategizing, and execution of plans

  • Arranging interviews

  • Background analysis for news flashes

My particular area of expertise included both political and economics’ news, and strategizing, and execution of plans.

I have worked on numerous projects during my time here at the PQR digital network, and have been responsible for numerous high priority newscasts and news programs. My empirical, quasi-scientific, methodology of functioning as a journalism professional enables me to get to the bottom lines of critical issues with a high degree of certitude in terms of the integrity and constitution of the content.

I received my bachelor’s degree in journalism from RST University in XXXY, and my master’s degree in TV broadcasting in XXYX. I have conducted several seminars, and have the ability to federate teams.

I can assure you that, given the opportunity, I will make an excellent addition to your family.

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