Tips to write personal statement design

If you want to secure admission in University for postgraduate degree program, follow the guidelines diligently. Ensure that your written statement is devoid of any kind of spelling or grammatical mistakes. Mention all your experiences and academic qualifications that complement your personal statement. If possible, refer the latest experience in the relevant field. Proofread your statement and sound energetic in your written expressions. Avoid any false statement as the interviewer can entrap you at any point of time asking questions from your written personal statement.


My employment in Blitz The Net Web Company made me aware of my interest in this field. I enjoyed almost all types of chores over there. Implementing practical part fascinated me highly compared to the studies that I went through during my academic tenure. As a result, I was bound to choose this post graduate degree program. The completion of my website designing encouraged me to pursue it as my career.

It was a rich experience that I have gone through while website designing and its implementation. I was also involved in full time designing work and assisted my team from time to time. The experienced accrued over there nurtured values like patience, practice, teamwork, public dealing, people skills, staying calm even in hostile situations and meeting the deadlines. I am sure these skills will be an asset in my University program.

I have been credited with many Headmaster Commendations award. My full attendance advantaged me. I have also been awarded with graphic design award by the Head of the Department. My participation in sponsored walks raised money for disabled children.

My hobbies involve reading non-fiction story books especially those motivated by real life experiences of great personalities. I have a special place for Computer Magazines as it keeps me up to date with new technological innovations. I am freak for internet and Computer.

Travelling is my passion and I love to know about people of varied cultures. Learning life in varied forms being a tourist fascinates me with cultural experiences. Sports like skiing, sprint race, basketball makes me feel optimistic and fresh keeping my drive high for starting my work in a fresh state.

I strongly feel that my experience in web designing industry will assist me a lot in handling the workload of the University even if I stay away from my home. I am ready to live a challenging life. My social skills will advantage me to pursue my career of web design.

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