A few tips to write a spotless personal statement business

Since personal statement of business represents an explicit image of your personality, your academic records and your experience, it has to be written well. It’s because it exhibits an opportunity to market your skills either for seeking a job or for getting admission in post graduate degree program flawlessly . Make it grammatically correct. Always proofread to ensure correctness of all the spellings, use of fonts, payouts, bold, italics, etc. Avoid waffles and be to the point. Never try to write anything that you do not owe in terms of academic qualification or in terms of experience as the interviewer can ask you any sort of question related to the skills written.

You can check the sample provided below or ask for help with your MBA statement of purpose!


My aim to pursue my career in electronic music boosted me to apply for this degree in Business. My decision became firmer when I visited London and experienced a deeply fascinated ambience in the local clubs. The experience trapped me and compelled me to involve myself with this specific branch of industry.

During the subsequent years, I established myself in various activities and managed to maintain an independent record store. This was the platform that brushed up my creativity. For it, I created a web page and promoted my company too.

Studying at ICT developed my experience of examining everything critically. It offered a competitive edge over my counter parts. The issues with organizational objectives and subjects with legal implications allowed me to make decisions on financial matters with full confidence immaculately.

I was employed as a Tester and it was a turning point that made me understand my potentials in terms of skills and strengths. This position offered me a platform to identify the discrepancies dealing effectively with management issues.

My studies involve my participation in Economic and Business Courses where I attended many seminars and it offered me an opportunity to utilize my knowledge acquired through personal experience. There I realized the importance of University education and its impact as in person and for my future professional career.

I have been a good captain in Colts team and drove my team with my leadership skills diligently. I love listening to music during my free time. Gym is my passion and I like socializing with people.

If I am offered an opportunity to pursue my education I would dedicate myself completely to qualify this degree with great endeavour, determination and my cheerful disposition. As an individual, I am completely aware of the risks that I might have to face. I am looking with anticipation with a favourable response from your side for better prospects in terms of getting admission at your University.

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