Tips to write an original piece of agriculture personal statement:

Whether you are writing your personal statement for further study or for job, be yourself and do not mention anything that you do not hold experience of, unless you will be caught red handed. Correct form of sentence structure, grammar, use of bold, italics, spellings should be paid focus too. Take the writing seriously and sound optimistic throughout. Neither copy the content from anywhere nor provide any evidence of your carelessness even by mistake. Always proofread your personal statement.


I do not belong to a farmer’s background but the idea of becoming a farmer always engrossed me. The idea came into my mind when I was very young and watched the cartoon animation” Shaun the sheep”. As I grew up, the passion of becoming farmer deepened as I watch its clippings on CBBC.

I strongly feel that farmers are the creatures of God in absence of whom life would be very difficult. For me, driving a tractor slowly through the fields gives you the command of holding the globe in your fist. They are the people who stay in close vicinity of earth, breathing fresh air away from the artificialities. I love everything about them whether it is their dressing sense, their accent, their wives calling them in their native accent, their nurturing of animals and everything else.etc.

I have a strong sense that by studying this field further at your University, I will develop all the dexterities that a good farmer should have. I further want to learn the relationship between the farmers and the way they handle their animals.

I am confident that my multitude of talent makes me a good candidate to go through this field. I have hardly any knowledge about the things happening outside England. Right from my birth, I have been born and brought up in the villages of England. From time to time, I have been paying a few visits to towns and villages of England walking in muddy welly boots eating ginger bread.

Apart from this, shooting have been my passion and I can handle any situation even if caught all alone with an animal like fox or leopard. Going to farmer’s market with one of my one of the friend’s father always allured me. I liked the way they dealt in the market. If I am asked to set a price for any future product, I can easily manage. I have also participated in local pub quizzes and often made my team lose except for the knowledge of pasteurization.

Sir, I am a straight going person and have expressed myself in most genuine way. I am looking for a positive response from your side to fulfil my passion.

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