Tips to write an unblemished Personal Statement Computer Science Example

Be precise and simple with your personal statement. Do not use jargons and be formal in your writing. Pay attention to sentence structure and spellings. Mention your skills in respect of your job application. Explain how your experience fits in the role. Be genuine. Remember the selection committee can ask you plenty of questions regarding your written statement while interview. If possible, mention any recent experience or event that has a correlation with your personal statement application.


Introduction at my Dad’s workplace sparked my interest in Computers. I used to ask questions like how a computer works and what all can I do with it. My father answered my all questions developing my curiosity further. The usage of internet, communication with people around the globe revealed its mystery and made me chose this field during school.

Furthermore the ‘A’ Level study boosted my understanding of the subject. Physics offered me insight regarding its physical aspects while computing developed my insight regarding the business. They both together enhanced my analytical as well as evaluative dexterities. Apart from that my passion for Maths developed my richness in Computer Science.

I associated myself with my father who was running the business of Computer since long. This gave me an advantage of implementing my classroom learning in practical way. Such perspectives as in how things work and how business operates successfully enriched not only my knowledge but my experience as well too. I have also written a well planned and well researched business plan that rewarded me with an experience that only a few are able to get at my age.

Furthermore, I also learnt the tit-bits of subsequent running of the company, balancing the chores effectively, criticalities of teamwork and role of delegates to commence any task effectively.

I not only spent time in learning and assisting my family in their business, but took out time for my hobby of learning to fly. My hobby encouraged me to chase my dream being enrolled in Private Pilot License (PPL). This training was a commendable one and nurtured the responsibilities of onboard safety and that around the aircraft. It trained me to carry out my pre-flight checks appropriately having a deep understanding of the activities going around me so that I stay prepared for any contingency.

I am looking forward to study the degree in Computer Science because I strongly feel that I have the passion for it and I have the anticipation to fight with any kind of challenges.

The selection committee have to go through countless Personal statement Computer examples and if your example is not influential, then you will have to wait till next year for filing your application. In case, you are not confident about your writing skills, contact us, we will portray your example, personal statement examples or personal statement for IT in such an impressive way that it comes in limelight and committee is engrossed while going through it.