Tips on how to write personal statement IT workers

Personal statement IT offers you a selling opportunity. Write what you are suitable for. Have an optimistic attitude and sound enthusiastic. Organize yourself well while communicating with the audience and be precise from the beginning till end. Be grammatically correct, otherwise it will change the meaning of your statement. Circumvent jargons and use formal style of writing. Be cautious about your spellings, usage of bold, italics and underlining characters.


Computers are the lifeline of IT. In fact, to stay updated we all have to stay in touch with it. Realizing its significance, I too honed my computer skills and picked IT for my future growth and the development of the country.

My interest triggered when I got computers as present through my elder brother. I followed all the programming instructions that came attached with the manual. The success achieved in implementing basic programming followed by coding and decoding procedures made me highly contented. This step encouraged me to pick Computers in my secondary school. My future was looking quite brighter with it. By this time, my hobby has transformed into an obsession. This work experience also offered me good ranking in my final year of schooling as a result of which I got an opportunity to work with “The City Council”. Here I learnt the actual role of computers that run huge organization via knitted systems and servers. My confidence boosted further when I became part of this large IT infrastructure. My passion got refuelled and I continued my career further in this field.

I scored high grades while commencing ‘A’ Level. My drive to learn, eagerness to follow the techniques of my seniors and keenness to participate in various computer activities made me specialist in my field. Apart from this I was also working on part time basis in a local IT firm and that real hand experience assisted me to implement the knowledge into practical terms.

Undoubtedly to say that the technology driven world surrounded me to chose IT as my field of career. This fascinating field inspired me at all steps of life. I was always determined to carry on my life with IT and computing and I can successfully progress here to drive my ambition if you offer me an opportunity to be part of your University driving my goals.

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