A music personal statement example should naturally be such that it does exactly what music does. It should say just as much about the author as it does about the aspects that it talks about. Just like any good song is composed of its music, and its lyrics. A good document of this nature will say just as much about your personal aspirations (and more importantly about you), as it would about the reasons for which you want to do what you want to do.

Sample: The following is an example of a powerful music personal statement. It could be used as a reference to draw inspiration, but you should really tap into your own mind when writing your own.

Music is fascinating. Music enchants, music entrances, music captivates, music enthralls, music allures… It beguiles, it bewitches, it mesmerizes. It leaves us humans enamored, infatuated and transfixed. Music is in the heart of humanity. The sound of music runs through our veins.

The sound of the waves of the vast endless ocean, the sound of the fuming fire burning ever so bustlingly, the sound of your feet breaking dried leaves in the forest in autumn, the sound a silence, the sound of the night sky. There is music all around us, and music… is a fundamental part of what drives humanity, and the human kind.

Music has been with me ever since I can remember. As child, I remember that I would listen to music (of all shapes and sizes) and I could see the different components of it. I could see how the sounds would rise, and how they would fall. I could see the music as if were palpable and tangible, the diaphaneity of music was imbued in my existence.

To me, music isn’t just about songs, or compositions, it is a way to communicate. Music allows one to express that what cannot be expressed in words. Music in transcendent, it is superlative and it is, in every sense of the word, ephemeral, music is to soul, what food is to the body.

I know, that despite of my inexplicably deep love for music, I am limited by my abilities. I realize how I frequently am unable to bring to reality that what I have in my mind. This apparent schism between my mind, and my matter is what I want to overcome. And it is for this reason that I want to pursue this course at your esteemed institution. I sincerely believe, that being a part of your institution will permit me to achieve my true potential.

Call to action: It is quite clear from the above provided example of a personal statement for music, that this document should be moving. It should touch the reader and convey the exact message that you want to. But, like any piece of text, what one comprehends involves a great degree of his or her own sensory input as that of the author. Our writers are experts, and are practiced in bridging this gap between that what you would want to say, and that what you would want the reader of such a document to infer, so they can write journalism personal statement or linguistics personal statement for you.