Tips to Write a Personal Statement English Example

Organize your content well. Write in such a way that one sentence automatically connects with the subsequent one creating a flow of reading. Sound interesting right from the beginning. Show your interest in getting admission in the postgraduate degree program and cite its significance in your life. Be cautious about your grammar part, spellings and usage of excessive usage of bold, italics and underline section. Do write your latest experience that is relevant in context of your degree program. Always proofread the statement before submission.

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Writing is an art that manipulates emotions of the readers and influences their thoughts and actions. Phillip Pullman and B. Cooney are among my favourite writers. I find their novels highly inspiring due to the lucidity and innovation they develop in each character. My love for literature stimulates me to write for pleasure. My creativity and my passion compel me to extend my subject of knowledge further in practical terms.

During my schools, I have been an active participant in dramatic activities and had a competitive edge over hundreds of other participants and secured high ranking. I have also participated in the fabrication of Othello at Greenwich theatre for a span of two years. English Literature has enhanced my knowledge via stylistic devices. It was an exhilarating experience that eliminated my public fear. I am eager to study further and hence want to continue four A Levels.

Biology and Psychology have assisted me to develop my understanding for ethical and contemporary issues of writing. It has complemented my English as a language as well. History pursued my passion and directed me to present circumstances.

I have been open minded in evaluating the perspectives of great historians. I have been selected among the 36 other writers by UCL/British Library Summer School of Revolutions. This opportunity consecrated me to attend the lectures of specialized experts. Apart from that I have also gone through the four hundred years of primary documents and I was overwhelmed after going through them.

I have been an active participant in extracurricular activities. Understanding my sensitivities against the critical issues, I have been appointed Prefect that boosted my confidence and leadership skills incredibly boosting my ability to work as a team.

I look forward to meet the challenges that the current degree course demand. I am highly confident that I will play a significant role in University pursuing my degree course.

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