As would be expected from any good example, a good international relations personal statement example would render a keen insight into the constitution of the mind and the matter of the applicant, that is, you.But, how to do that? Well, first and foremost, the key to any good personal statement is clarity of expression, and organization of purpose and ideas. No one has a glut of time, this document should therefore be crisp, succinct, and yet, compelling and interesting.

Sample: The following is a template of an international relations personal statement, you may use it for reference and develop it further, but simply copying it would be highly conscionable…

There was a time when there were several civilizations in the world. Each one was competing to exist, and annihilate, the other. A little way down the line, most of them disappeared, the Mayans, the Incans, the Indus-Valley, the Mesopotamians, none of them remain. Today, however, there are no longer several constantly competing and warring civilizations. Today, there is just one civilization. Now, there is just one singular global civilization that is constantly communicating and living shoulder to shoulder across the globe.

In this ever so intricate, seemingly gossamer like, convoluted and very very complicated global dynamic organism, there is a plethora of issues that pose ostensible perils to the life as we know it. It was during my time at the university that I really developed the interest for global affairs as I now study them.

I undertook several internships, and research opportunities, which took all over the globe. During these voyages, I came across so many different aspects of the human life, and the human planet. This is after all, a planet chiefly of the humans, especially now that we have transformed it exponentially more than any species before in the history of earth.

And yet, we fail to recognize the urgency of the threats to our existence, all of which have almost entirely been fomented to actuation in a juggernaut like impetus, filliped by our own heedless ways of life. I therefore, want to contribute to the global community and help bring some solace to this ever-seething fire in the whirlwind fumes of which humanity I now engrossed.

In order to gain more germane operation experience, I now want to pursue the international crisis resolution, and strategy management course at your university. It is my sincere belief, that with the reception of an education at your venerable institution, I can help in the contribution to global causes of utter emergency.

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