Tips to write a matchless personal statement Biochemistry

You have to be very cautious while writing your personal statement in Biochemistry. Set an encouraging tone in your writing and let the audience feel that you are the pool of talent. Do not write anything that you do not owe. Be yourself as the selection committee is comprised of highly experienced people that can gauge your defects in no time while interview. Write grammatically correct English, paying due focus on grammar, spellings and sentence structuring. Use spell and grammar check tool to be on safer side. Do not forget to mention any experience that you have relevant in the relevant field.

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“Survival for the fittest” is the theory that has lead to the evolution of organisms. The presence of extraordinary capabilities has lead to molecular adaptations in animals. Why blood of Antarctic Notothenioid fishes do not turn into ice like some questions have always been bubbling in my mind. Its demonstration was even more interesting than the question was. My curiosity became higher and higher as in how ingenious components can play such a vital role in creating differences. Such questions compelled me to choose Biochemistry as my subject.

I went through many journals and performed an independent research on the topic “Difficulties in treating MSRA”. This step advantaged me in developing my written communication, making use of the references, organization and time management skills etc. I also worked on antibiotic resistance on Beta-Lactamase enzyme. My attempts to find alternative antibiotics made me study the subject broadly at the University.

Investigating the cell metabolism, ways to transfer the sheet of cells to watch mitochondrial structure under microscope and drawing conclusion developed my analytical skills.

Sessions of DNA extraction via strawberries intensified my aspiration to study Biology. Now, I aim to apply all these scientific theories practically during my degree program.

Two months ago, I was part of 5 weeks Nuffield Science Bursary investigating the risks associated with patients of bacteraemia at city hospital. There I witnessed the utility of scientific research for society while carrying clinical audits. My computer expertise helped me to track the criticalities of patients. I also delivered a presentation evaluating my project and received the Gold CREST Award for the same.

My volunteering at college and my role at University of Warwick developed qualities of working under stressed condition, in tight budget and in shortest possible time.

I strongly feel that my interest in this subject will help me further in answering the questions of world’s major issues. Please consider my application and offer me an opportunity to fulfil my dreams achieving the goals.

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