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Architecture Personal Statement Example

I always believe architecture as a creative field that suits well to my thinking and the way I carry myself with the things. I always have a flair study the artistic value of the things since my schooling days. I am not aware of architecture program during my school days until one of teachers suggested me about it based up on my skills exhibited my school creativity calls. I have ability to create live models like homes, dams, forests and many more since my childhood. During primary studies, I created a model of house for a competition and won top prize too. There is started as an interest in me about architecture program as suggested by my primary teacher.

I pursued my high school studies with great attention and paid attention to all the subjects. My attention and devotion in high school with academic subjects is mainly not to leave any chance to for obtaining the admission into the architecture program. Also, I tried my level best to improve my creativity skills too working part time in a design firm locally during my senior high school studies. This design firm used to create various live models for the special needs. This working gave me an opportunity for learning new forms of designs, especially in buildings with in depth analysis. This experience helped me how architecture program can be of real help in making houses, buildings and other constructions something special than their predecessors.

I am applying now to your popular architecture program with suitable qualification and ample experience. This program will offer me a great chance to learn new things besides elevating my creativity skills to a maximum extent. I want to steal a better place in this field with my skills and caliber. This chosen program is definitely going to be a great help to channelize my skills in right format for the architecture field and helps me to create a better career path in this field too. Please kindly offer me a spot in the chosen program and I will be grateful for this always.

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