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Philosophy Personal Statement Example

Philosophy is the basic backbone for the human thinking and human life. This philosophic enquiry importance was realized long back from our ancestors during the civilization beginning. It never ended and continued until now with our modern generation too. It is hard not to see in any human about asking questions and attempting right answers on own at the philosophical perspective is a not new thing and it is not myth either. My interest for the philosophy generated within me very recently. It emerged in me while pursuing my AS Level through distance learning. The main cause to instill this interest in me was through reading Plato’s Republic. It opened a broader spectrum of thinking in me over the field of the ethics.

The popular Simon Blackburn comments on the philosophy as “Conceptual Engineering” is something I felt and believing now too. This kind of understanding can successfully transform human paradoxical thinking into a coherent reconstruction successfully. I am totally intrigued into Philosophy and decided to take up Philosophy program in the after my high school. Now, I have finished my high school with good credit and obtained good level of command over all the subjects in it. As a part of my interest for philosophy, it made me to attend many of workshops in Philosophical thinking. I have participated many volunteer programs too during my high school and one of my best achievements in this regard is Millennium Volunteers Award, which offered to me for my 100 hours of volunteering service.

Now, I am applying to your philosophy program with utmost interest and with a determination to pursue research in this field after my graduation too. I have equipped myself successfully with ample qualifications as well as suitable experience through volunteering and through attending workshops with prominent people in the philosophical field too. It is my sincere request to you to accept my candidature for the applied program, which will offer me a chance to prove my interest in this field through going further more academic steps in this field.

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