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Education Personal Statement Example

Education system designed at present is very much in better condition and right teachers in this system will really create e wonders in this field. This fact was realized by me while I am studying senior high school. The fact is that I am totally against to education and I am the first one in my family that hates studying when I was a child. This was continued until I come across to my favorite teacher in my primary education. This teacher taught me education in my primary school in a way my kind of school haters can also find it interesting and fun. Instantly, this teacher turned into my role model without my involvement at all. I was slowly started liking the education profession since after too.

During my high school, I openly declared with my family and friends that I wanted to be a teacher. Also, I always have a great interest in me for children too. All these reasons seriously motivated me to plan a career in education. As a school hating child once in my life, I knew it well the demands of the children from the school. I kept all my efforts in high schooling to translate my dreams into reality and acquired good command on all the subjects too. In addition to studies, I took some part time jobs too with nearby schools as teacher while studying my senior in high school.

My interest, acquired teaching experience and good academic background now made me a best candidate to be a teacher and applying for your primary education program. Please review my application and consider me to take up the chosen program. Your acceptance will be a great boon for my planned career path and my interest for the children education will help me to justify well the given tasks too.  Now, I request the acceptance of application into the program and help me to accomplish my future goals well.


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