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Teacher Personal Statement Sample

Teaching is always my first interest since my high school studies started with me. My high school studies really motivated me in a way I can learn and understand well the importance of the education significantly. This realization always motivated me to show interest for teaching at my professional front. Also, I have a great interest and attention for children always too. So, I have decided to take up the teaching program after my high school. I kept good attention with my studies in high school and gained a great level of command over all the subjects in it too. Now, I am ready to pursue my dream teaching program and applying for your college with my profile and accomplishments.

Teaching is definitely a great profession that can gives you a chance to understand the needs of the children at the same time grooming them into a future hope for the nation. This idea always keeps me more intrigued and interested towards the education field. I kept utmost efforts at academic front keeping in my mind the future goal to take the profession of teacher. I knew well the needed command on subjects to be a teacher for the students. I always performed well in high school and acquired valuable credits too. Also, I worked as a teacher in a nursery school for six months as part time too besides involving myself with many volunteer programs those intended to offer education to the remote village students. This teacher part time job and volunteer works gave me a scope to acquire better teaching skills too.

I am applying to your teacher program now with my application and presenting my other accomplishments. Please check my application and consider the same for the applied program too. I am very well determined to be a best teacher through completing well this program and I will make my teacher working as a role model for others in the future too. Please accept my application and allow me to attend this applied program.

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