A typical sports personal statement example would be expected to elucidate as to how and why you should be chosen for the particular thing to which you are applying. A certain degree of clear and concise blueprint of your accomplishments, a fairly descriptive image of you and your objectives, your goals and aspirations is additionally of fundamental importance. You may need to contact proofread personal statement services to make your statement perfect.

Sample: The following is a sports personal statement example:

I was four years old when my cousin sister took me to the pool with her; it was my first time ever. This was the beginning of a very long journey and my career as a professional athlete. I remember how I fiddled around; I would just sway around like a daffodil in a prairie in he summer wind. Eventually, I learnt how to wobble, how to kick my legs, how to correctly move my arms, and how to breathe. Swimming brought to me a joy that I could not justifiably explicate in words. It was food for my soul. The swimming pool and I have been, ever since, one.

I began to practice more and more as the years passed by. My cousin was no longer with me to hold my hand, but with the tutelage of my mentor and my coach, I began to train to win. I was unstoppable; defeat was not a word I was taught to allow to enter my lexicon. Defeat, was not acceptable.

I would train, relentlessly, for as long as it took me to do what I had intended to do, for as long as it took me to do what I was supposed to do. Malcolm Gladwell and his 10,000 hours seem pretty accurate to me. I won every event that I would participate in.

Due to me never say die attitude, and just a ridiculous amount of stubbornness to which I had grown accustomed, I failed to stop training when I developed an injury in my shoulder. Consequently, I had to stop training for almost an year and a half. This hiatus in my training made me humble. I realized the importance of clemency and temperance in life. But after having fully recovered, I reconvened my journey, a little more sagaciously this time.

As is clearly evident from my track record, and my performance, I am a winner. And I am a true patriot. It would be my honor to represent my great country in the Olympics, and I would thus like to officially humbly pose my candidature for the national Olympic squad.

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The above provided personal statement for sports is that of a professional swimmer who wants to be a part of the Olympic squad. You can also check physiology personal statement or psychology personal statement if you need. It is fairly evident that the person is a determined and perseverant individual. This is exemplified using their record, the hurdle that they had to overcome, and the consecutive path to success that they treaded. In sports, being a winner is a fundamental requirement.

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