An Amazing Personal Statement Example

Let’s begin with what makes an amazing personal statement example. An amazing example of a personal statement will contain a number of constituent elements that make it stand out in the minds of those who read it. For one, amazing example personal statements and university personal statement examples will be able to clearly and concisely deliver an anecdote of some sort that relates to the author’s passions and interest in the program to which they are applying. For example, when you find a good personal statement example for someone applying to medical school, they should have some story that connects their experience in life – preferably early life – to their drive and passion to become a doctor, nurse, surgeon or other medical professional.

A Poor Example of a Personal Statement

Now let’s consider what makes a poor personal statement example. Unlike an example of a good personal statement such as our great sample fellowship personal statement, a poor example of a personal statement relies too much on one thing. Poor example personal statements may make too many jokes, and unless you’re a skilled comedian who has actually been paid for his or her sense of humor, you should probably not attempt this. Further, poor example personal statements will try to use too many big words or trick sentence structures in order to put across how intelligent the author is. Again, unless you have a graduate degree in English (chances are you don’t), don’t try to get all tricky with your personal statement example.

How to Use Example Personal Statements

Now that you know what makes an example of a good personal statement and what makes a poor personal statement example, you should be able to discriminate between the two. Do not look to an example of a personal statement merely for the layout, but also study what the meaningful content inside example personal statements actually is, as in law school personal statement examples. This will go a long way toward helping you craft your own example personal statements that will lead to success.

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