A typical personal statement postgraduate example would bring to light the precise reasons why you want to pursue the particular postgraduate program. It would behoove you objectives to draw upon your personal and/or professional experiences to adequately substantiate your claims. Postgraduate programs’ select committees are highly discerning, and thus this document should be produced with a great degree of edified care. Make sure you used personal statement checking service before submitting your copy.

Sample: Here you will find a personal statement for postgraduate in economics…

I am writing this letter to pose my candidature for the master’s degree program in Economics at ABC University’s XYZ College.

I am currently a student at PQR University’s RST College, and am pursuing my bachelor’s degree in economics (honors). My current GPA is XX.XX, and I am in the top x% of my class. I have also been awarded a gold medal for academic excellence for my work on the socio-economic basket trends in suburban retail chain stores in Bristol, England. I passed my high school with a GPA of XX.XX, and was in the top X% of the class.

My interest in economics was initially instigated by the economic crisis of 2008. There was much brouhaha on the news when it happened, and the entire world had been seemingly rendered affray, and apparently the financial system had been left threadbare. But, within a matter of days, the government and the banks worked up solutions to this seemingly apocalyptic crisis. I was amazed by the level of intelligence it must have taken on the part of those involved to resolve such a drastically critical issue.

From that moment on, I had been forever acquainted and enamored with economics. I started reading the financial times and the business standard on a daily basis, and would read the entire thing cover to cover. I would spend hours looking at the daily market numbers, and I was amazed to see repetitive patterns in them. I therefore decided to apply for an internship position over summer at MNO Bank in XXYX, where I consequently undertook a training program that summer. I was amazed and deeply educated by my time here.

My love for economics is evident. I have been an excellent student thought out my student life. I know, nevertheless, that the level of my knowledge right now will not suffice for the type of life and the type of goals I have set for myself. An education at your university will enable to reach my goals, and I would therefore be honored to be a part of your venerated institution.

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