There are over 30 million college-aged students in the United States of America today. You’ll be competing with a significant portion of them to try and get into the college of your dreams. All you have to set you apart is your personal statement. That’s why you need it to be distinctive and impressive – it’s your only option for the college you deserve.

Steps to the Perfect Personal Statement

Staring and staring at a blank page is one of the worst things that can happen when you’re trying to write a personal statement. But follow these personal statement sample tips and you’ll be good to go.

  • Take the time to brainstorm: Take a couple of hours to just think about what questions you need to answer in this statement.
  • Make some notes: Jot down thoughts that you want to make sure you get in.
  • Create an outline: Feel free to keep this informal as long as you understand.
  • Use words you know: Write like yourself! Imagine you’re telling this story to a friend.
  • Get help: Ask someone else to read over your work and make sure it’s all it could be. Be prepared for multiple drafts.

Tips for Personal Statement Writing

To write the perfect personal statement, here’s what you should keep:

  • The reasons why you’re the best candidate
  • Your story and how you came to this field
  • The reasons you want to study what you’re applying for
  • Your own unique voice
  • Long term goals to show you’re a thinker

And here’s what you should get rid of:

  • Quotes, which say nothing about you
  • Clichés – they make you look like everyone else
  • Hobbies, which should be ditched unless they’re directly relevant
  • Stilted vocabulary that you don’t really use in real life
  • Sweeping statements and unproven claims

Hot Trends and Keywords for Personal Statement

Trends for personal statements these days are:

  • Focused on the school and program that you want, tweaking your statement to fit each one
  • Only relevant experiences and skills are listed
  • Concrete statistics that show off your achievements in a measurable way and prevent empty claims
  • Action word verbs

Action verbs, which allow a show-don’t-tell approach to writing, include words like spearheaded, developed, initiated, and analyzed. These words show not just what you can do, but what you’ve already done. That is a crucial step in creating a truly strong personal statement.

Freshman Applicant Personal Statement Examples

Struggling with your personal statement outline? Try this basic structure! With a little help, you’ll be well on your way to writing something that fits perfectly.

  • Intro: Introduce yourself and talk about why you want to study what you want to study. Tell your story.
  • Body 1: Talk about your education and qualifications; in other words, what experiences make you a good candidate?
  • Body 2: Discuss your plans for the future and how you’re going to use your education.
  • Conclusion: Finally, finish up strong with a few parting words. Discussing why you’d make a great addition to the program is a good last note.

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