Recognizing a Good Personal Statement Sample

How exactly does on recognize what a good personal statement example should look like? If you’re vexed by this question, you should first break down the idea of what an admissions board wants to see, and apply that to the sample personal statement that you are reading. Do the personal statement samples show a unique and engaging side of the author’s personality and worldview? If so, it is probably a good sample of personal statement writing. Do the samples of personal statements you’ve read contain an anecdote that can then be linked to the passion the author feels for the program her or she is applying for? If so, then it is among the better personal statements samples you can work from.

Recognizing a Bad Sample Personal Statement

So how do you recognize when a sample of a personal statement is not something to find inspiration from? A personal statement sample that is overly formal is probably not something to copy, as the admissions board wants a sense of you as a real human being, not an automaton. Conversely, a sample personal statement that is too humorous or light will fail to show the admissions readers that the applicant is genuinely serious about the program to which he or she is applying. A mixture of the two, somewhere in the middle – being what one would call “personable” – is what you should look for in good examples of personal statements.

Choosing Among Personal Statement Samples

Now that you know the ins and outs of good and bad sample personal statements, it’s time to go forth and find a sample of personal statement writing for yourself. Effective personal statement examples can either steer you in the right direction or send you veering off course – ultimately, it depends on whether or not you are capable of recognizing what makes good and bad sample personal statement writing. If you are able to achieve that, you win.

Professionally Written Personal Statement Sample

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