Most jobs in voluntary and public sector ask for personal statement starter sentences that will be attached to your application. If you want to know stronger supporting statement that you can use, this page will help you to get started.

Tips in Writing Supporting Statement for Job Example

Supporting Statement for Job ExampleIntroduce yourself: Your first paragraph should introduce yourself providing a brief overview of who you are. It is essential that you give positive and strong impression about you right from the beginning. Do not forget that you should include your full name and address.

  • About the company: Make an explanation why you want to become part of the company and why you want the specific role. Provide an explanation how you match their values, methods and objectives.
  • Evidence of abilities: Check all the requirements and explain how you meet every requirement. Provide examples because it is important. Don’t forget that concrete examples are needed. In your supporting statement, make sure it shows and conveys how enthusiastic and motivated you are. You need to provide positive statement and when it comes to your closing sentence; it must be a reaffirmation of how enthusiastic and motivated you are.
  • Keep it concise: Recruiters do not want to read long statements so be sure you need to keep your supporting statement briefly but you need to include all requested information. The time you are finished, remove all redundant words.
  • Align your statement: To have effective statement, it is suggested that you align your supporting statement to job description and job specification.

Supporting Statement Template for Job

  • You can use the business style in writing with the use of grammar correctly.
  • Using headings aligned with “person specification” will help your paper easier to read.
  • Under headings, you can use prose or bullet points.
  • If you do not want to use headings, better to use the opening sentence in referring to the part of specification you’re addressing, you could always double check it with personal statement editing service.

Need Help in Supporting Statement Template for Job?

If you still want to know more, you can check out supporting statement for job example to gain more ideas. If you want to meet the deadline of submission, start writing your supporting statement while you have ample of time left or even use best personal statement writing service. Otherwise, seek the help of the pros in creating the perfect supporting statement for you today!

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