It’s a good idea to begin using phrases and linking words at the beginning of new paragraph. It helps you in having good starter sentences on what you want to say. The fact is that phrases and link words are referred as signposts.

Have a look on chemical engineering personal statement at first.

List of Personal Statement Starter Sentences

It’s however, essential to note the limitations of…

  • Every theoretical position makes an essential contribution to my understanding…
  • It’s important not to overemphasis our strengths of…

List of Phrases and Link Words to Use on Personal Statement Opening Paragraph

how to Start Your Personal Statement

  • As a consequence
  • Although
  • Accordingly
  • At the same time
  • Consequently
  • In addition to
  • Correspondingly

Note: You do not need to use the link words all the time such as subsequently, moreover, therefore and others. Do not also forget to identify the keywords you need to use. If you have it, it helps you to have a clear communication to your reader.

Tips in Creating Personal Statement Opening Paragraph and the Paper


  • Be specific: You need to make free sample of personal statement specific all the time for the reader to know what is your focus. If you do not have focus, readers will not understand what you are trying to say.
  • Good writing: Make sure you have good writing for the essay to be understandable. You need to use direct and clear prose. You should remove extraneous words in making sure that all your point is clear.
  • Get feedback: The more time you spent on your personal statement, the less mistakes you’re to spot. If you have lots of time remaining, ask help from professors, parents and friends to judge your writing to ensure your essay is concise and clear.

You can have a good start in writing your essay when you know what you are doing and what things you will consider. In beginning your personal statement, you always need to get the attention of your reader by using link words, quotes or phrases. With this, you can able to submit a one of a kind essay to the admission committee that will knock down your opponents.

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