Personal statement structure is an important part of law school application and it is an opportunity in highlighting students’ ability, experience and personality. In writing, think of it as your written interview because it is a requirement where you can share about you and what you have.

Dos in Law School Personal Statement Example:

Legal Choose a narrow topic and offer information about it rather than choosing a generic topic.

  • Do not also write what law school want to hear but tell to the admission officer the truth.
  • Always pay attention to your first paragraph. Make sure it will grab the attention of the readers so that they take time in reading your personal statement.
  • Make sure personal statement interesting. As much as possible, use active voice and energy voice. In telling a story, you need to paint a picture which makes your essay more memorable.
  • Keep your personal statement brief and simple. Do not use big words instead simple language is enough. A personal statement should be 3 to three doubled spaced pages.
  • Consider your audience.

Don’ts in Law Statement Sample:

  • Stay away from jargons and legal concepts that you do not know because you might risk of misusing those words.
  • Avoid telling a story in a chronological order.
  • Avoid using your personal statement in explaining discrepancies about your application.
  • Never offend your readers.

Law Statement Sample

If you want to have ideas about law school personal statement example, read this page for you to be more informed of what you are looking for.

  • Law fascinates me magnificently. I am very intrigued on developments of law and how it adapts a changing society. For me, I am sure that I am suited to take a law degree because I am at my best when there are challenging situations, cases and problems that I faced.
  • Academically, I am studious and determined person, hence I know that law degree is another next step that I will take but I believe in myself and I have broad interest on it.

Here is a good guide for you to begin writing your personal statement. Be sure to follow it correctly to avoid mistakes and to have interesting essay that you can submit to the admission committee.

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