If you are reading this, then you probably need help with your personal statement structure. As you may know, there are certain things to consider when writing it. And you are looking on how to structure personal statements. Well, no one blames you for that writing block, a personal statement is a pretty vague concept, but once you get the handle on what to write in it, the rest will come easily and smoothly.

Structure of a Personal Statement: The Help

Tips on How to Structure Personal StatementBut one of the other things that you need to worry about is the structure of a personal statement. How should it be written, where do you start, how do you end, and basically how do you write it.

How to Structure Personal Statements

  • Open with who you are, not your name, but who you are as a person. This takes you back to English class; at the first paragraph introduce what needs to be introduced, such as yourself and your work. Your entire structure of a personal statement relies on how well you opened your high school personal statement or nursing research problem statement.
  • Start with a bang. Knock them out with your achievements, with previous attainments, with how far you’ve come, with your background. Begin with things about yourself. Amaze and astound them, make sure that you describe yourself in the most amazing but honest way possible.
  • Place your statement of purpose after this, around the middle. Tell them how much you want to be part of them, not as a benefit to yourself but something that can benefit the other end as well. Remember, employers love team players, those who don’t only work for themselves.
  • Past jobs and experiences may come after this, but they are interchangeable.
  • End it with a boom. End the way you started, mesmerizing. Don’t go with generic or common things such as ‘thank you very much’ and ‘that’s all’. We’re not saying that you should risk life and limb on a closing statement, just be creative. That’s how you leave a mark on the reader. Again, fair warning, do not end mid-sentence. That is not creative.

Best Way on How to Structure Personal Statements: Just Be Yourself

A structure of help with personal statement really depends on what you want to highlight and what you want to say, so be careful in planning these out, and again, it does not hurt to be creative, don’t make yourself sound like a robot. Add a bit of fizzle and a bang.

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