There are so many things to consider when deciding what to write in your personal statement, how do you end up choosing? Starting with a good story is a great start, but take some of the tips from the article and make sure to integrate them in your personal statement content for the best results.

Put Your Best Foot Forward

When deciding what to write in a personal statement, make sure that the story and qualifications that you end up choosing are right for the place that you are applying, but also that they help you put your best foot forward. Even if you have an amazing story about saving someone who almost died in a bar fight, the reader may end up spending more time questioning why you were in a bar fight in the first place, rather than thinking about how amazing your story is. When you choose what to put in your personal statement, make sure that the reviewer will see it for the amazing story that it is, not for something that detracts from the rest of your application.

Weave A Story

When putting together a list of your accomplishments, you may want to jump from accomplishment to accomplishment, only stopping to add the necessary punctuation. This often leads to a choppy story that isn’t very interesting to read. Instead, focus on writing the story that you want to tell in your personal statement, without focusing on what to put in a personal statement for college, and then add in your qualifications later. This will ensure that they story remains clear, and that you get your personal statement content in there too.

Don’t: Stray From Your Personal Story

When writing a personal statement, it can be extremely tempting to write about some obscure legal theory (if you’re applying to law school) or something else that you find interesting. While you may find it interesting, we can guarantee that the reader will not. They want to learn more about you, so make sure to spend most of your time talking about yourself and really helping the reader learn more about you as a person, not some obscure law from the 1870’s.

The only thing that will make you better at deciding what to put in a personal statement essay is time and experience, but utilizing the tips above will help set you up for success, even if this is the first personal statement that you’ve ever written.

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