An Example of Postgraduate Personal Statement Gives You Excellent Tips

There are different documents and each document has a different method and structure to be followed. It is a misconception that a person with good writing skills can get admission in a postgraduate program with his/her personal statement. Writing skills is a bonus but the right method of writing is necessary. So whether you are a great writer or an average one with the personal statement examples you will easily craft top quality postgraduate personal statement examples. Thus, meeting the strict expectations of the thorough selection panel will no longer be an impossible task. With proper guidance in writing with our example of postgraduate personal statement you will be confident to get admitted in your chosen postgraduate course of study.

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How To Structure Your Personal Statement

Here are some pointers to help you learn about crafting the personal statement once you are done with make a rough write-up of your statement.

  • The structure of your statement should be in accordance to the relevancy of the qualities and achievements. As per the institute you are applying for, place your skills and achievements that you feel are the best at the top.
  • As for the style, the language can be English or any other as per University requirement. Do not bold, underline or italic the words or sentences in your personal statement. Follow a single font style throughout.
  • Your tone should not be dull. Keep it enthusiastic, simple and basically natural.
  • Although you can be slightly liberal and not be though out very formal but be careful with unusual usages such as quotations, adding humor etc. Humor is best avoided. Use quotations only if it is truly necessary.
  • Proofread and edit your draft several times. Read it out loud and make elders check it. There should not be any grammar, spelling and punctuation errors in your statement.
  • Formatting the draft as per the University guidelines is a must. Restrict to the mentioned word limit. If it is not mentioned you can write around 50 lines.

Unique Example Postgraduate Personal Statement

example of postgraduate personal statementThe examples we offer are unique and quality tested. They are written by highly qualified and experienced writers and not a single personal statement matches another. As a proof of originality a plagiarism checked certificate is attached. You can order such personal statement template from a professional service. You have to take a step towards crafting a “top notch personal statement” if you wish to beat the tough competition and get selected.

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