To write a great college personal statement sample, you need to know what the best characteristics of an essay are. It is essential to be aware of what you will write and what you will include in order to have a good personal statement style. Read the following for a guide.

personal statement style

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Characteristics of a Good Personal Statement: Requirements

Here is a personal strategy statement you need to know to write a perfect essay that surely gets the attention of your readers.

  • Honest and thoughtful: A university personal statement should be reflective and will demonstrate a clear perspective on what you want in the future and a perspective about your experiences.
  • Strive for a great depth: A good personal statement is not only about a list of accomplishments. Keep in mind that the essay is also about quality and not quantity.
  • Follow the good writing conventions: A great personal statement should use proper grammar and syntax as well as vivid and precise language.
  • Comply with the guidelines: If the instruction tells the essay should be three pages long, then follow it. You also need to do it in writing a scholarships essay.
  • Answer the question: If you are asked to describe your best accomplishment, then you need to use vivid language visualizing your accomplishments.
  • Catchy introduction: A degree personal statement with a catchy introduction and straight to the point with the use of precise language stands out compared to others.

Personal Statement Structure

The body paragraphs are the essential components of your essay. Expand them and give support for your theme. A 2-page essay contains two to four paragraphs. The body should contain:

  • A topic sentence expanding your theme
  • Development of ideas supporting your theme
  • An ending sentence wrapping up the body

Rules for Writing the Personal Statement

If you need to write a narrative style personal statement, there are rules that you need to follow. Be sure to take note of them to avoid mistakes.

  • Name you professional aspirations.
  • Identify the essay with a sub-discipline.
  • Develop a good research puzzle, although you do not need to formulate a full research project.
  • Go deep: In order to get the attention of your readers, you need to explore one or more substantive problems. You need to refrain from jumping from one specified research to another.
  • Convey unique details: Do not reproduce the details that can be found online or other places. It is better to write something that is original that rehash something you’ve read.

Admission is not as easy as you think because there are criteria to meet. If you want to be admitted, complete all the requirements and do well in writing the personal statement.

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