There are many times in your life where you will end up writing a personal statement essay, but for many people, the first time is when they are applying for college. It can be difficult to figure out how to write a personal statement for college, especially when you haven’t done one before. When looking around, it can be nice to see personal statement for college examples, but really understanding a few helpful tips will do so much more when deciding what to include in a personal statement for college.

Speak To The College’s Personality

College Personal Statement Sample

If you’ve done your research (and you should have by this point), you will likely have a good idea of the type of person that applies to the college you are looking at. This also gives you a good indication of the personality of the college itself, something that you should have ingrained in your memory when it comes time to figure out how to write a personal statement for college. Speaking to the personality of the college is essential. If you are applying to a more STEM-focused institution, you will probably want to showcase much more of that type of work. If it’s a liberal arts school, your focus should be entirely different.

Don’t Come Across Too Strong

While it may be true, don’t include too much information that may come off as showy. As an example, even if you have wanted to go to this college since the age of three, you might not want to base your personal statement off of that fact. Putting too much weight on the fact that you love a particular institution will not help you learn how to write a personal statement for college, and more importantly it doesn’t really tell the reader too much about you. They assume that if you are applying then you most likely want to go to that college, so don’t waste precious space by telling them that in your personal statement example.

Remember, writing a personal statement is a skill that you can improve on over time. Taking the time to write out the best personal statement possible will show you how to write an english literature personal statement for college, but leaving it and going back to edit it a day or so later will help you write the most effective personal statement possible. Keep in mind the above tips and you should be fine.